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When it comes to powder coating or sand blasting metal parts, we do it right and we do it all within our facility. Because we can perform all steps of the process under one roof, we are able to carefully monitor and streamline our process to ensure the highest-quality workmanship around. We will work closely with you to provide the quality results that you are looking for.

We Can Do It All

We offer a number of dependable services that our customers have counted on for years. They include the following:

  • Powder coating
  • Sand blasting
  • Ceramic coating
  • Wheel coating
  • And more

Our Team

Our success is due, in part, to the expertise of our team. We hire only the most experienced and detail-oriented people so that you receive the highest quality workmanship around.

What Can You Powder Coat?

Often, people are looking to strengthen and cosmetically enhance their automobile and bicycle parts and our powder coatings are perfect for this purpose. We can apply our free-flowing dry powder to many different metals, including steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and copper.

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